QR Code & Location Based Attendance Management Software

No Need Of Any Device
You Can Use Own Phone For Attendance.QR Code & Location Based Attendance Management Software is widely accessible from any device. This also implies a browser integration which means the system can be opened without installing an app.
100% Contact Less
Face recognition technology has witnessed a significant improvement in the changing world. Contact Less Attendance with real-time face recognition is used for recognizing faces of people to take attendance with Your Mobile Camera.
Location & Selfi Based Attendance
A location-based attendance tracking system uses the GPS system to track the location of a person. The attendance information of users is collected based on the location.

Start for as low as Rs. 11/- Per Month Per Staff

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Easy to Use Portal


  • Capture real-time attendance from Access control / Mobile.

  • Define your company attendance policy.

  • Daily accurate attendance status with Your Admin Panel

  • Live Online Real Time Report.

  • You Can Manage From Mobile.

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