JINGLE BELLS wireless restaurant calling systems 20 transmitters 4 watch pager/guest

Now our wireless calling systems are widely used in food court,clinic, church, hospitals,fast food restaurant, & salons and auto shop or other queue occasions. They are welcomed and popular.

  • Improve service image
  • Save labour cost
  • Most important, improve efficiency
Package List:
  • 4 x watch pager receiver
  • 1 x user manual
  • 20 x call button
  • 4 x power adaptor

How to use

First, of all the calling buttons are pasted or put on the wall or on the table, when the guest have any service, he or she press the calling buttons, the received will get signal with sound or vibration , showing the table number, then the waiter will know which table to be served.

Call button Specifications

Call button Specifications
Material ABS
Color white, black, brown
Call distance 800 meters(Open area)
Weight 18 g / 0.04 lb

Watch pager receiver Specifications

watch receiver / watch pager
Power USB interface
Color black
Capacity 500 pcs of pager transmitters
Weight 111g / 0.25 lb
Frequency 433.92MHZ

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