Whatsapp CRM Software

Automatic Lead Capture from Various Sources

  • Capture leads from Google Form, Indiamart, Justdial, Website, Phone, Email, Chats & Missed Calls Instantly
  • Respond faster to sales enquiries to improve conversions.
  • 80% of sales leads become cold or lost and never gets converted.
  • Recover lost sales leads and improve sales performance.

Fully Automatic Sales Process, Whatsapp And Business CRM.

MGNika CRM is fully automatic whatsapp CRM for auto reply bot, fast reply or whatsapp support along with leads management CRM, DRIP Marketing [SMS & Email Funnel].

Each And Every lead value is equal to your product price {If product price is 10k} Then each lead value 10k so we can’t miss any lead or data, Solution is here MGNika CRM.

Never Miss a Sales Follow Up

  • More than 70% leads convert after 5th followup, so without effective followup is main aspect of every sales process.
  • Auto followup through DRIP Marketing. Get Reminder when to retarget or as per client time.
  • Plan, Assign & Track – Calls, Tasks & Visits against leads.
  • Email/SMS Reminders to Sales Team on Due Time.

Whatsapp Chat Bot/Auto Reply and Lead From Whatsapp

Automate whatsapp conversion with potential clients when you are busy or made your work to automatic, send greeting message, product information, and address or anything, just set predefined details of your business and get more sale without any hassle.

Don’t miss any lead through whatsapp, our crm will auto save your each and every lead receive through whatsapp, now a day every whatsapp have contact via whatsapp chat feature or on facebook page. No need to save single-2 data from whatsapp chat.

Benefits Of CRM

Save time and Growth
Your Business

safe and secured

Opportunity to grow
your business

Export contacts to Excel,file,CSV etc.

Auto Backup all

Create Own and Your
Users Visting Card

Create Personal CRM
Panel For Your Users

Works across multiple
WhatsApp numbers

Manage Your Company
Using Our Software

Free Ecommerce Website With CRM

Mgnika Provides Free Ecommerce Website With CRM Software .Who better than Other Company. CRM Software for your company will simplify communication, save time for your customers, and improve your discoverability.

Never Miss a Sales Lead & Improve lead to sales conversions

  • Automate leads from Google ,FaceBook,Website, Whatsapp, Call, Indiamart, Justdial and other Online Ads.
  • Assign, track, prioritize and win more sales leads.
  • Send instant and personal email/sms to sales leads & alert SMS.
  • Never miss any important sales follow ups. Because increase 70% sales From follow ups

Lets first look at some Know about CRM WhatsApp:

  • More than 1.1 Billion Active users.
  • Its 2nd most used Mobile App.
  • Most of Indians use it for Business also.
  • More than 35 Billion messages sent daily.
  • More than 85% of users use it daily.
  • Send SMS Using Our Software.
  • Our have Many Features in CRM Software.
  • Send Email Using Our Software.

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