Why Coaching Management Software

Enquiry Management

Manage enquiries, follow up enquiries, process admission, check all the reports.

Student Management

Student registration, student’s branch-standard-course assign,student import by excel, status reports.

Attendance Management

Batch wise attendance reports, attendance performance and status reports.

Staff Management

We provide Manage Office staff, set menu rights for staff, staff login facility.

Fees Management

You can Manage students Fees, Generate fees receipts, Manage discount, Manage fees installment, Check total Pending fees, fees reports

Exam Management

You Can Manage exam, Obtain marks, Track students progress, Subject wise exam marks Analysis, exam reports.

Expense Management

You can Manage everyday expense, expense header, expense process, expense report through Coaching Management Software.

SMS Management

You Can Send SMS to students & parents, welcome sms to students , manage auto fees reminder sms, send attendance sms, send exam status & result sms.

Sale Management

you can everyday sale, sale header, sale process, sale report through Coaching Management Software .

Student Mobile App

Student & Parents login from web or mobile app, Check Profile, Fees status, Attendance Status, Exam status, Check all reports

Device Friendly

You Can Access software from any device, manage classes data from mobile and from anywhere in the world

Notification Management

You Can Send Mobile & Web notification to students and parents, send fee reminder to students, send absent status, send exam status, send exam result status

You Can See Demo

1. Basic Setting & Dashboad

This picture will explain you about login, account setting, SMS, profile settings & dashboard

2. Basic Setup

This Picture will explain you about year setup, batches & course type setup.

3. Staff Management

This picture will explain you about staff registration, manage staffs & staff rights setup.

4. Student Management

This Picture will explain you about student’s enquiry, enquiry followup, admission, batches & course type mapping, year transfer.

5. Fee Management

This picture will explain you about fees structure setup, fees collection, discount, refund process.

6. Exam Management

This Picture will explain you about exam setup,exam, schedule exam marks allocation.

7. SMS Sending

This Picture will explain you about Sms sending process. Send attendance, exam marks, fee status, alert sms.

8. Expense Management

This Picture will explain you about Expense type header setups, daily expense process.

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